Sunday, June 27, 2010

Earn extra income

I want to take a few minutes to explain why I made the decision to sell Mary Kay products. As a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant I have my own business. I have the flexibility to work as much as I want too. It is so important to me to love the work that I do and with Mary Kay I love the products and I love the people that I get to meet. Being a mother of 3 and a wife is how I have spent most of my life, so when my children got older I decided that I needed something for myself. Mary Kay has given me the chance to get out and meet new people that have the same goals as I have.

I feel that to be successful in the Mary Kay business you need the support of other consultants and a goal oriented director. So if you decide to sign up as a consultant find a unit in your area that have weekly meetings and training. The training and meetings are free and will be very useful as you start your business. My director is always giving me great advice on how to expand my business.

These are just some of the reason to sell Mary Kay. To find out more and to hear other stories click here.

Earn 50% on everything you sell.

Work full or part time based on your needs.

Be you own boss.

Get the education that can help you be successful. 

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